Wargaming the Vietnam War with 3D Printed Models

I’ve been putting together a 15mm ANZAC Force for Battlefront’s Nam, and keeping an eye on the unofficial “Bolt Action Vietnam” Facebook group and the free miniature at Historicon (yes, sometimes it takes just one free mini to get me to collect and army) has got me thinking about gaming the Vietnam war in 28mm scale. With that in mind, here is the definitive list of what is currently available for wargaming the Vietnam war with a 3D printer. As I get deeper into this I’ll aim to get more creators on board for the market place to make it easier to find what you are wanting.

As the Vietnam War is still only gaining popularity, you are going to have to rescale a lot of the models, to either 15mm, 20mm or 28mm scales (depending on your preference) and to make it easier you can use our scaling guide here. And make sure you are listening to this playlist while you model and game.

3D Printed 1/100 Centurion tanks by m_bergman in 15mm for an ANZAC force

3D Printed Vietnam War Era Models

Here is an incomplete list of vehicles and artillery that was used in the Vietnam War based on a variety of sources including army lists from Team Yankee: Nam, VC on the Trail and Wikipedia, along with links on where to find the digital STLS

Pro Hanoi Forces


1/56 NVA AA gun printed and painted by David Mulder

Viet Cong

  • Cart
  • Civilian Lambretta Scooter
  • Civiian Sampan
Upscaling a 1/100 M113 by VJM787 to 1/56 for a game of Bolt Action Vietnam

Pro Saigon Forces:



Half finished 1:100 M113 by VJM787 upscaled to 1:56 alongside heroic 28mm figure




1/56 PAVN/NVA forces printed and painted by David Mulder

Suggested Rule Sets

Suggested Miniatures

VC on the trail keeps an updated spreadsheet for 20 and 28mm figures here, but there are also Vietnam War era miniatures in other scales such as 15mm.




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