Tonnant-class and Bucentaure-class French 80 Gun Ships of the Line


Tonnant-class and Bucentaure-class 80 gun French ships of the line.
A series of 8 ships (Tonnant) ordered and built from 1787 to 1800. Then a subsequent series of over 29 (Bucentaure) of which 21 were launched) from 1802 to 1831.

In service from 1790 through to 1834 . Six of the class were captured and used by the Royal Navy.

The same dimensions as the Tonnant but in 1803 the masts are changed. In 1806 the artillery is slightly modified, in 1807 traditional accommodation spaces are changed. In service from 1802 to the 1860’s

Version 5 (01/10/2020) includes both a high and low hull version. The high hull will better match other ship manufacture models and allow bases with wavy/rough sea conditions to better fit the model. The low version is better suited to a glass sea.

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