Ocean-class French Ship of the line (118 guns) 1788 – 1882


Ocean-class French 118 gun ship of the line designed by engineer Jacques-Noël Sané. These were the most powerful ships of the Napoleonic Wars and a total of 15 ships were built between 1786 and 1824.

Ship built names were: Commerce de Marseille, États de Bourgogne, Dauphin Royal, Majestueux, Vengeur, Austerlitz, Ville-de-Paris, Wagram, Impérial, Montebello, Louis XIV, Sans Pareil, Héros, Friedland, Souverain and Trocadéro

Version 2 (18/09/2020) includes both a high and low hull version. The high hull will better match other ship manufacture models and allow bases with wavy/rough sea conditions to better fit the model. The low version is better suited to a glass sea.

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