Lancia 3 Ro Gun Truck


The Royal Italian army was thrust into the Second World War unprepared an underequipped. While this has led to sometimes unwarranted representations of their performance, the Italians often displaced ingenious efforts to overcome their material deficits. One such example is the Lancia 3 Ro 100/17 gun truck.

This .stl pack offers .stls for both resin and FDM printing of the Italian Lancia 3 RO 100/17 gun truck, which mounted a Skoda 100/17 gun, with optional front pintle mounted Breda MMG for both FDM and resin printing

The Italians mounted the Skoda 100/17 field gun (a medium howitzer in b the Bold action game system) – itself a WW1 weapon captured from the Austro-Hungarians in that war – in their field workshops inn Africa. About 20 such conversions were completed. employed it in North Africa, although a fairly crude affair – the gun crew was fully exposed – the vehicles provided valuable mobile support for the Axis in that theatre.

This file is a substantial re-work as well as the addition of original work (I created the main gun, the pintle MMG and the driver) added on. The original file, from Thingiverse ), from which I started with was created by a wonderful gentleman from Poland whom we know as “Jarlang”. My start with both 3d printing itself and .stl design was assisted greatly by Jarek Lang, a.k.a. “Jarlang” or “jarfir”, whose death was reported earlier this year. Jarek’s designs – some remain WIPs, but many others are complete, and they are all outstanding testaments to both his talent and his keen sense of history being preserve din out hobby. His contribution to the 3d printing community is immeasurable. We are all in his debt

I provide this .stl as a free download, but if you are so inclined, please go over to Thingiverse and “tip” Jarlang through that forum. I am sure his family would appreciate the support.

The model in the photos was printed in FDM (it is too large a print for my resin printer) while the MMG and driver were in resin.

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