AMS60 Minesweeper – Beemster klasse – Adjutant-class


A highly detailed model (1/100) of the Adjutant-class minesweepers.

The model is not really a war gaming-model, but you cut the hull and make it a waterline model to be used in wargaming scenario’s.

A total of +300 Adjutant-class have been build and have been used by many different navies of the World. The model as offered has been modeled based on the Dutch Beemster-class Coastal minesweeper. This model includes 1 twin 20 mm Oerlikon Anti-Aircraft setup. Other navies used different armament (Not included); 1 single 20 mm Oerlikon, 1 single 40 mm Bofor, 2 0.50 inch (12.7 mm) Machine guns and even a 81 mm Mortar.

As far as I know, only 1 is still sailing regularly in Europe in 2023 and is owned by “Foundation for the Preservation of the AMS ms Bernisse”. This is the former Belgium Navy ship – MSC927 Spa / A963 Spa.

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