AB 40 / AB 43 Armoured Car – 28mm


This is a 28mm scale derivative of Tiger Ace’s excellent 1/100th scale model file for the Italian AB Armoured Car series.

I did this at the request of a club member who is expanding his Italian forces, hence the model is not glued or painted in the pics; just “press fitted together”

I did up a model of the AB 40 and the later AB 43 model. I did not do the AB 41.

I did not have to do much to Tiger Ace’s outstanding work; what i did do was

  • created a separate turret base/pivot for the turrets; this allows a flatter print for the turret. it is intentionally a tight fit into the turret recess, you may want to give it is light sand. it is an easy fit into the hull
  • removed the “cast in” spare tire/belly wheels and made them into new files with more detail, including the hub covers these wheels had.
  • re-did the shovels on the rear deck.
  • added a bore recess at end of AB43’s main gun

In Bolt Action the rules only accredit the AB 40 to the two turret MMGS, yet i have added photos clearly showing the AB 40 having a hull mounted MMG facing over the rear engine deck. Tank Encyclopedia takes the same position (no hull MMG on the AB 40) yet the following link supports the hull MMG in the AB 40.


There is no argument about the later AB 41 and AB 43 having that hull MMG. I think one could make an agreement with your opponent whether to have the AB 40 with the hull MMG; the “Vehicle Design System” would add 10 points for an MMG to the AB40’s cost.

(Downloads - 1828)

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