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Kaja's Models and Machinations
Kaja's Models and Machinations

Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, United States (US), 18445

[email protected]

Kaja’s Models and Machinations specialises in models of experimental Soviet heavy tanks produced from 1939-1957, in multiple scales from 1:285 to 1:144. The files for all 1:144 scale models may be re-scaled by a factor of 0,9 for N-gauge (1:160) model railroads. A high-detail model of the KV-1 suitable for 1:100 (15mm) is also available and others may be available on request. Other models include ancient war galleys, tall ships from the Golden Age of Sail, and even steamships from World War I. I am currently experimenting with some of my original designs as well, and I hope to create an entire collection of original miniatures at least as impressive as my historical collection. If you would like to see what sort of contraptions I like to dream up, please check out the Nine Empires tag on Hive.

All files I sell have been validated on my Form 3 LFS (resin) printer. If you are interested in purchasing physical models, check out my website:

Kaja’s Tiny Tanks

If you are new to resin 3D printing, I feature one of my own designs in a post where I discuss some considerations that need to be made when printing miniature tanks:

Tips for Printing Your Own Miniature Tanks

Some of my models also have video links in their product descriptions showing post-processing, so that you have an idea of what’s involved.

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