Vickers K .stl

The Vickers K machine gun is a novel weapon for the British player in Bolt Action. The Vickers K was a drum fed .303 light machine with an extraordinarily high rate of fire (for a non-German MG), with an adjustable rate of fire of up to 1200 rounds per minute. It was designed for use by aerial observers/gunners but its utility by land units was seized upon and it was employed by the LRDG and SAS in the Western Desert and used on both vehicles and in an infantry support role.

The Vickers K, employed on land, was equipped with a bipod, and despite its higher rate of fire, was more compact that the standard Bren LMG; the Vickers K was only 0.93 m in length, compared the Bren at 1.16 m. It was fed by a 100 round drum magazine.

This .stl pack is intended to provide an option to add a Vickers K to SAS/LRDG units; the .stls include a model with the bipod extended, as well as bipod folded up, and separate drum magazines, in case you want to do up a loader with a spare drum magazine.

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