Commonwealth 3″ Mortar Carrier – 28mm


This file contains .stls for both FDM and DLP printing, to allow you to print a 3″ mortar carrier.

The Bolt Action wargaming system offers the Commonwealth Armies an option of purchasing an Universal Carrier armed with a medium mortar, which is capable of firing within a 360 degree arc. Historically, the 3″ mortar carriers was used as a method of transporting the 3″ mortar and crew, but were not utilized as a self propelled mortar. There were some ad hoc adaptions, with the mortar mounted on the top of the centre engine deck, but that arrangement appear less than ideal.

The one self propelled mortar carrier version that fits the description stipulated in Bolt Action is the brilliant Australian adaptation of the Universal Carrier.  They moved the engine from the centre of the carrier and mounted it to the drivers left. The now flat rear floor was lengthened, and ammunition storage added to the perimeter. The 3″ mortar was mounted on a turntable, allowing a true 360 degree arc of fire.

Tank Encyclopedia notes 400 such mortar carriers were built, and post war surplus mortar carriers were provided to the Nationalist Chinese.


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