Deweycat drops a bunch of new WWII files on Thingiverse and CGTrader

Regular contributor to Deweycat just dropped a bunch of original and remix files up on his Thingiverse and CGTrader accounts respectively. In his own words:

1) A British 25 pounder field gun and ammo limber. This is an original file. There is a 25 pounder gun at a memorial for the 2nd R.C.H.A. in my town, and I used it to garner the various measurements. I include barrels for both the early and mid war model (the Mark II) without a muzzle brake and the later model with the muzzle brake, required to handle the “super-charge” added in 1942.

2) A South African Marmon Herrington Mark II armoured car, just in time for the Western Desert campaigns. Oddly, BA restricts this AFv to two MMGs in the turret, although it was armed with just about everything but that, but I included the twin MMGs turret plus an optional and more traditional ATR and LMG with a pintle mount MMG

3) A French civilian Citroen 11CV, a vehicle used extensively by both the allies and axis; the germans used captured models as staff cars, and it would fit anyone’s partisans well. it also just makes a great terrain piece or a game objective.

4) The French early war Lorraine 37L armoured tractor and trailer and the 38L armoured personnel carrier and trailer. This was a request file, and I think it turned out well. I created a fuel bowser option for the 37L.

5) a 28mm two story house. It is a remix, but it works well and is worth print time for a nearly indestructible terrain piece.

What are you waiting for? Go and grab them now, and don’t forget to tip your server!

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