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Alfs Minis and Kits
Alfs Minis and Kits

Reithlegasse 7, 1A, 7, Top 1a, Wien, Austria, 1190


Areas of interest are: late Roman Empire, Migrations after the collapse of the Western Empire (Langobards, Burgundians, Vandals, Goths, Huns etc), Viking age, Early Holy Roman Empire period up to and including crusades of all kinds. The figures will not just be warriors but ordinary people doing ordinary things such as farming or carpentry. Ships will not just be highly specialized warships but supply ships, etc.. Same for buildings and other structures.

Another area of interest are crews, cannon and other implements for warships from the age of sail. While they can be used to populate model ships, they can also become independent game markers for each piece of ordnance and its crew as used by a given nation during a given time-period.

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