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East Coast Ironclads
East Coast Ironclads

Yorktown, Virginia, United States (US), 23692

Have you been looking for high-quality American Civil War ships without breaking the bank? Well look no further!

East Coast Ironclads has a wide selection of Civil War ironclads and steam ships that are perfect for any gaming needs. these ships have been constructed using a wide array of sources including period sketches, period accounts, paintings, models, and more. At 1/600 scale these ships are packed with details that will really make them pop on the table!

Add another element to your land based battles with ships from East Coast Ironclads. Vicksburg, Shiloh, Plymouth, Fort Wagner and more! Imagine the frustration of your opponent as their lines are obliterated by semi-accurate naval gunfire, which they couldn’t possibly hope to knock out and will harass them for the entire game. See the hope leave their eyes as another gun battery is turned into splinters and men turn and run as 9″ Dahlgren shells explode around them. Naval support is the perfect addition to any land battle conveniently situated near water.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Why should I buy these ships? I can get nicer ones in metal from elsewhere.” and you are absolutely correct. However, by printing these ships, you can get the same scale and most of the same detail for a quarter of the price! And what’s even better you can create multiple ships from a single purchase, no more fortunes spent to create an entire class!

Our ships aren’t just good for gaming either, they can also be used for creating historical dioramas! Build a scene around your favorite ship of the Civil War and you’re bound to wow your friends and fellow model builders!