WW 1 Ehrhardt E-V/4 Armoured Car – 28 mm scale

Although most often thought of in terms of deadlocked trench lines and mud, the Great War did involved armoured vehicles from the start. All major powers had some form of armoured armoured car in service, with more entering service as the conflict dragged on.

One of the most dominant AFVs employed by the Central Powers was Germany’s Ehrhardt E-V/4 car. The vehicle was a beast, weighing 8 tons, standing some 2.85m tall, with a fixed turret and multiple mounts throughout the hull from which Maxim MMGs were deployed. The crew numbered nine, and while some entries note three MMGs were carried, others note 6 MMGs and photos from the period would reinforce that number.

As well as being employed by the Germans in the Great War, captured models were used by the Poles in the many conflicts that followed their independence, as well as by the Russians in their Civil War. The Freikorps employed the Ehrhardt as well in the unrest post-1918 within the Weimar Republic.

This .stl pack have two folders of files; one for FDM printing, and one for resin printing. Both provide mounting spots on all four hull quadrants from which an MMG can be mounted – by friction fit – allowing you to add and remove MMGs dependent on your point purchase in a game.

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