V-1 Rocket Launch Site .stl pack – 28mm scale


It is a given that German weapon development in WW 2 was often cutting edge. The V-1 “Flying Bomb” / “Doodle Bug” / “Buzz Bomb” exemplifies this. It was the first true “cruise missile” utilizing a unique pulsejet engine. The V-1 carried a warhead of almost one ton of high explosive, and while its guidance system was crude by today’s standards, it was as accurate as the traditional manned “area bombing” of the era.

The first V-1s were launched against London on June 13, 1944, a full week after the Normandy landings. The volume of launches increased, and this prompted a Allies race up the coast of France and the Low Countries to overrun the V-1 launch sites. Upwards to 30,000 V-1s had been manufactured by the time of Germany’s capitulation.

This .stl pack allows you to print a representation of a V-1 launch site, to use as an objective within a scenario or simply “eye candy” for the game table.

The .stl pack consists of ten to fourteen parts (depending on whether you print he rocket as one-piece print or four-piece FDM part).

The finished model is easy to store model, it breaks down easily into four parts for storage and transport. The assembled model measures 14” x 9 “ on the table. The V-1 rocket rests on the launch rail with a “nub” that locks it in for the game, but it can easily be removed and replaced as needed. The rail itself rests onto four “nubs” on the two-piece platform.

It is a large model and meant to be printed in FDM, although the rocket .stl is offered in two formats for both FDM and resin printing.

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