Destroyer Escort 21 knots, 3x 3inch/50 GP guns, 9 20mm Oerlikon AA, Quad 28mm AA

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The Evarts-class destroyer escorts were destroyer escorts launched in the United States in 1942–44. They served in World War II as convoy escorts and anti-submarine warfare ships. They were also known as the GMT or “short hull” DE class, with GMT standing for General Motors Tandem Diesel drive.

The first ship to be completed was commissioned on 20 January 1943 at the Boston Navy Yard; it was delivered to the Royal Navy under the Lend-Lease provisions and became HMS Bayntun.

3x 3 Inch 50 General purpose guns, 9 20mm Oerlikon AA Guns, 4x28mm AA in Quad mounting

3in 50 cal GP Gun.stl, 20mm Oerlikon with tub.stl, 28mm Quad.stl, us navy life boat 2.stl, us navy life boat.stl, USS Evarts v2.stl


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