USMC Multi-Launcher Truck M-2-4 – 28mm


The new Bolt Action book for the Mariana and Palau campaign provides the first truck mounted multi-launcher to the U.S.M.C. player. This vehicle was based on the International Harvester 1-ton 4 x4, a rugged truck with a high ground clearance that entered service with the Corps in the late 1930s.

The M-2-4 truck was mounted with a rack of 36 x 4.5” rockets and provided a saturation of high explosive to aid the Marines hard slog in overcoming stubborn Japanese defenders.

This file consists of separate package for FDM and DLP resin printing. The FDM print is multi-part, and has some detail reduced for the benefit of better printing. The model represents one with as front mounted winch.

In addition to the rocket pack, alternate armament – an MMG and HMG pintle mount – is included in both files.

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