Urban Rubbled Buildings, Street Barricades .stl pack – 28mm scale


Tabletop wargaming ideally involves a mix of terrain for gaming scenarios. Bolt Action urban based scenarios cover a lot of historical ground, especially with the interest in the savage battles in Stalingrad, Budapest, and Berlin. As well, many lesser-known battles involved fighting within built up areas – Manila in 1945 and the long slog up the Italian boot spring to mind.

This .stl pack was designed to allow an easy set up of a rubble-rich environment. It was designed to interconnect – but not interlock – so the set up is stable but easily set up and packed up. The design option is very flexible.

The set consists of

  • 2 x end sections
  • 2 x middle sections
  • 2 x large L shaped sections
  • 1 x two story L section
  • Several large and small rubble sections which can be used within the buildings or as street barricades

There are also small rubble sections that can be mated with the building base, to form a brick debris next to the rubbled buildings

Mirroring these .stls will result in an almost endless options for a rubbled urban environment.

The interior buildings do not have interior detailing, save for the floor tile design. I designed this for gaming, not a diorama, so I wanted the floor area free to place based miniature figures without hinderance.

Created by DeweycatProductions
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