U.S. Elco Class PT Boat –


This is an original file, representing an early model of the WW2 American Elco Class Torpedo Boat with two sets of twin .50 HMGs in offset gun turrets and a 20mm cannon of the rear deck, as well as four torpedoes.

There are two files. One suitable for FDM printing (in the photo) and a second for SLA printers (this has the gun barrels set included).

For the FDM print I used .047″ “music wire” (that’s what it was titled as at the hobby store) for the gun barrels of all the wpns. I did not try to create print noted barrels at this scale for FDM printing. I left recesses for the barrels of the three weapon positions.

Printed at 0.1mm layers on FDM.

There is a second file with the barrels, suitable for SLA printers.

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