Tropical Village Package – 28mm


This package consists of a selection of .stls, intended for FDM printing:

  • Simple Huts: Huts  A, B, and C, plus mirrored versions of Hut A & B, thereby giving you five different hut designs (as the window/door location varies in each hut)
  • a corrugated steel colonial administration building, which includes optional flag (Japan and France, plus a blank flag and a blank flagpole, should you wish to use a paper flag) and an alternate sign which comes with paper print outs in English and French language
  • a weathered corrugated steel supply hut – this building has a sign board by the front door; there are files to print a sign to cut and glue to this panel in both English and French (assuming that if taken over by the Japanese they would have simply left the original sign up, given the fairly short stay they had (early 1942 – 1945)

Each building comes with

  • the building
  • the roof
  • an optional wood floor
  • an optional raised stilt base to raise the building off the ground
  • stairs for use with raised floor
  • the simple residential huts have optional doors which can be added if desired.