T20 Komsomolets


The T20 Komsomolets was produced by the Soviet Union until 1941 and was used as an artillery tow and as a tankette. During the Winter War with Finland the Finns captured large numbers of the T20 and used them against their former owners. The Finnish version included shows the modifications made by the Finns after the Winter War and is suitable for playing in the Continuation War.

For passengers check out the excellent sculpts from Just Some Miniatures here.

This model has been designed with tabletop gaming in mind and I have aimed to get a suitable balance between details and durability and it has been test printed at 1:56 scale (native scale) on an Anycubic Photon S. I recommend printing the tracks separately but I have included options with them attached for those that want to do it one go.

This file is for personal use only and not to be used commercially or shared with other people who are not the purchaser. Commercial use involves advertising the file or prints based on the file for sale. If you would like a commercial license please reach out to me at the email below.

Designed in Blender by Matthew Devenish – matthewdev@gmail.com


V1.1 – Increased durability of tracks, increased track tension and added presupported option.

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