Steyr Raupenschlepper OST (RSO) – Now with Open Cab Option


The Steyr Raupenschlepper OST sometimes just called an RSO was used extensively by the German army, especially on the Eastern front, where its fully tracked construction worked well in the Russian mud. Approx 21,000 were constructed making it’s build numbers higher than other more well known vehicles such as the sd.kfz 251 or the sd.kfz 7.

This model has been designed with tabletop gaming in mind and I have aimed to get a suitable balance between details and durability and it has been test printed at 1:56 scale (native scale) on an Anycubic Photon S. I recommend printing the tracks separately but I have included a file with them attached for those that want to do it one go. In addition I have provided two different types of separated tracks to give users more flexibility in how they want to print the file. Finally, there is an alternate frame version of the model with a thinner frame that is more realistically sized but also more fragile.

In addition I have made a version of the file designed for easier printing with FDM.

This file is for personal use only and not to be used commercially or shared with other people who are not the purchaser. Commercial use involves advertising the file or prints based on the file for sale. If you would like a commercial license please reach out to me.


v1.1 – Added a version designed to print more easily on fdm printers
v1.2 – Added an open cab option.

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