14 knots, 2x BL 6in MK vII guns, 2x 12 pounder guns, 3x 20mm Oerlikon AA, Draught only 4ft

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The Insect-class gunboats (or large China gunboats[Note 1]) were a class of small, but well-armed Royal Navy ships designed for use in shallow rivers or inshore. They were intended for use on the Danube against Austria-Hungary (the China name was to disguise their function). The first four ships—Gnat, Mantis, Moth and Tarantula—were first employed during the World War I Mesopotamian Campaign on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

At the start of World War II, three vessels, Cricket, Gnat, and Ladybird, were transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet’s Inshore Squadron. They joined the monitor Terror and provided bombardment support for the 8th Army. Their shallow draught allowed them to act also as supply and landing vessels, able to get close-in to beaches.

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