Renault Pattern Quad Heavy Banger – Pre-supported


Renault Pattern Quad Heavy Banger
-Two different options for the main weapon. One with a gun shield and one without.
– Hull armor shield is optional
– Several different poses for the “mail box” sensor pod

Crew NOT included

Lore: The Renault-pattern Rapier Weapon Carriers are in high demand among the even the elite Space Men of the Empire. The Quad-mounted Heavy Banger fires rocket propelled HE rounds at an incredible rate. Each of the Heavy Bangers are fed independently by a helical magazine fed from the rear. This allows the bulky weapons and ammo to be combined in to a compact profile.

Design Notes: I’m planning on releasing several version of this with different loadouts (Quad “Heavy Laser”, Quad “Gatling laser”, quad mortar, quad “heavy banger”, “gravity cannon”) I’ve decided to list them separately because certain factions may only find one or two of the variants useful. If you want to “catch them all” and are patient, you may want to wait for the final compilation for a discount.
Copyright William Culpepper 2022

Update – 28 MAY 2022
+ Added alternate hull without trench rail (and pre-supported)
+ Added sperate helical magazines (and pre-supported)

Sold By Tiny Panzer Studio
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