Red Sands Fort (U6)


There are seven towers in the Red Sands group, at the mouth of the Thames Estuary. These towers were previously connected by metal grate walk-ways. In 1959 consideration was given to refloating the Red Sands Fort and bringing the towers ashore, but the costs were prohibitive. In the early 21st century there were threats that the fort could be demolished so a group called Project Redsands was formed to try and preserve the fort. It is currently the only fort that can be accessed safely from a platform in between the legs of one of the towers

This model represents one of the gun towers, future revisions will include a hole to add one of Deweycat’s 1/300 gun models, and there are plans to add the central twoer, radio tower and AA gun tower to make a complete army sea fort (7 towers)

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