R-1 / AH-IV Tankette – 28mm


This package consists of .stls to allow you to print 1/56th scale models of the Romanian R-1 AH-IV-R Tankette, with specific files for both DLP and FDM printers.

The R-1 tankette was brought into service by the Romanian army in the late 1930s, a derivative of the Czech AH-IV tankette. These served on the East front and were noted as in service until the end of the war.

The AH-IV tankette also served in the Swedish, Iranian and post-war Ethiopian army, where they served until the early 1980s.

This vehicle is recognized in the Bolt Action Stalingrad campaign book; with a cost of 75 points for regular, a hull mounted MMG and a turret mounted MMG. The AFV is allotted the “recce” rule and “one-man turret” rule. For some reason, Warlord has provided a weapon grade upgrade for the turret for an HMG, but I can find no historical record for this, and the diminutive size of the tankette would make that fitting rather tight. Hence, I did not create a turret for the weapon option.

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