PRG-7 Light pack


The RPG-7 is a portable, reusable, unguided, shoulder-launched, anti-tank, rocket-propelled grenade launcher. The RPG-7 and its predecessor, the RPG-2, were designed by the Soviet Union, and are now manufactured by the Russian company Bazalt.

The ruggedness, simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness of the RPG-7 has made it the most widely used anti-armor weapon in the world. Currently around 40 countries use the weapon; it is manufactured in several variants by nine countries. It is popular with irregular and guerrilla forces. The RPG has been used in almost all conflicts across all continents since the mid-1960s from the Vietnam War to the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

This “light” pack includes 12 different RPG-7 variants in 28mm scale:

  1. PRG 7 with no warhead (iron sights, bipod attached, PGO-7 scope attached, both of them attached)
  2. PRG 7 with PG-7V warhead – first warhead for RPG-7, has about 260mm of RHA penetration, was widely used during Vietnam war and other conflicts. Now is not manufactured, but still can be found here and there. (iron sights, bipod attached, PGO-7 scope attached, both of them attached)
  3. PRG 7 with PG-7VM-VS warhead. These two are modernized variants of PG-7V (which are quite similar, so I used one model to represent them both) with 350 and 400 mm RHA penetration respectively, still used today. (iron sights, bipod attached, PGO-7 scope attached, both of them attached).

Also there are both warheads separate in pack, should you want to use them.

These models were designed for tabletop gaming, so some details are rather enlarged or missing for sake of good and safe printing and use. Models also were test printed on Elegoo Mars 2. Model is intended for resin printing due to fine details, 0.02 layer height is highly recommended.

Full pack with heavier and more specialized warheads:

These files are for personal use only and should not be used commercially or shared with 3rd party members who are not the purchaser (of the models). Commercial use involves advertising the file or making prints based on this file for sale. If you would like a commercial license please reach out to me at the email provided.

16.02.2022 – Changed shape of front grip for overall better printing

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