Popski’s Private Army Flamethrower Jeep 28mm scale .stl pack


The Bolt Action “Italy : Soft Underbelly” Campaign book is chock-a-block full of new units and weapon systems. One that has sparked a lot of online chatter is Popski’s Private Army and its Flamethrower Jeep.

Based on a ¼ ton willy jeep, the Flame Thrower Jeep was developed as a prototype, and there is no record of it actually seeing action. Although the rules for this unit assign it the equivalent of an infantry flamethrower – 6” range, D6 hits – , the F/T Jeep actually mounted the same flame unit as the Wasp carrier. When you see the photos, it was very much a quart stuffed into a pint bottle, full of fuel and propellent cylinders. With an “in for the penny, in for a pound” philosophy, the vehicle is all festooned with fuel jerry cans as well.

I based this model off what appears to be a recreation of this unique vehicle from the Warwheels website. There are also some grainy photos of the original model when undergoing testing.

For 68 points, as a veteran, it is available in several platoon lists outlined on page 105 of the Soft Underbelly book.

The model in the photos was painted by Paul Saunders, who adopted my test print and has given it a good home. Thanks Paul!

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