Polish Home Army Kubus Armoured Car – 28 mm


The Warsaw Uprising in August 1944 is an often overlooked and rare example of a resistance group, in this case the Polish Home Army, going toe to toe with the Wehrmacht.

In this titanic struggle, the ever-resourceful Poles secretly constructed an armoured vehicle on the frame of a 1938 Chevrolet truck, and nicknamed it “Kubus”. Often thought of as an armoured car, the Kubus was in fact an armoured personnel carrier, and was used to advance assault troops up to the objective, where they exited via hinged hatches on the floor (see diagram).

This .stl pack offers specific files for FDM and resin printing, with multiple weapon options – the front hull can mount a LMG or a flame thrower (I would suggest using the “small vehicle” flame thrower value, as per the British Wasp); the model offers both a closed top hatch or open top hatch, where either a second pintle LMG can be mounted, or a PIAT (both FDM and resin PIAT files included, the FDM file is simplified and shown in the photos). I added the PIAT because most of the plastic model makers of the Kubus offer it, and the British did air drop weapons to the embattled Poles.

The point value can be accessed using the Bolt Action Vehicle Design system; the Kubus would be a closed-top 7+ wheeled vehicle, capable of carrying (about) 6 to 8 soldiers – entries mention up to 12 but that would be pushing it. The PIAT is not normally assigned a point value for mounting on a vehicle, and I will let others consider the value of the PIAT vs. the 10pts for the pintle LMG.

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