“Moskva” class anti-submarine cruisers


Project 1123 “Condor” anti-submarine cruisers – NATO codification: Moskva class – a series of Soviet multi-purpose anti-submarine cruisers (SSACs) with long-range and ocean-going missile weapons (until 1965 classified as long-range anti-submarine defense ships) in the USSR Navy. Initially two ships were planned and built – antisubmarine cruisers “Moscow” and “Leningrad”. Later on in 1967 it was decided to build another ship – the antisubmarine cruiser “Kiev”, but in accordance with the modified project 1123.3. However the laying of the vessel on the slipway never took place in spite of the readiness of several bottom sections of the hull. The project ships were in the fleet for almost 30 years, repeatedly going out for combat duty in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The subsequent conceptual development of this cruiser subclass was Project 1143 aircraft carrier cruisers, later reclassified to heavy aircraft carrier cruisers (HACCBs).

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