Modular Bridge Bunker/Flack Tower Expansion Kit


The Modular Bridge Bunker/Flack Tower expansion kit is a 15mm (1/100) scale representation of a fortification incorporated into the design of a cast concrete slab type of bridge. It consists of five STL files that can be used to add fortifications to your modular bridge. It contains a Bunker Section, a Roof Section, a Base Section, a second story for a Bunker Section, and a Roof Section with parapet. This fortification is designed to fill one or both of the holes in the railing in the Stairway Expansion kit. It is an add-on kit and not intended to be used by itself. (Note: you must have one of the Modular Bridges and one of the Stairway expansion kits to use this fortification kit.) (Note#2 the interior of the fortification will hold one medium sized base per level.)

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