M3 Half Track T 12 Motor Gun Carriage .stl pack – 28mm


The M3 halftrack is one of those ubiquitous AFVs in the Allies vehicle pool. As well as the standard transport, it had multiple configurations, armed with quad HMGs, heavy auto cannon, light and medium howitzers, and this – the T 12 Motor Gun Carriage.

The most recent Bolt Action Campaign book – Italy – Soft Underbelly – gives us a twist on the T 12 – namely the Ranger Force “Darby’s Ace in the Hole” (p. 116). This selection allows a player to “shoot and scoot” – fire and then conduct a reverse move on a “fire” order. This is a very powerful tactic, both in warfare and in Bolt Action.

For this model I started with a clean slate and designed this M3 .stl from scratch. I have done up a version for both resin and FDM printing. The FDM model has a simpler main gun (I could not add the two thin support arms to the gun shield in the FDM gun). Included are files for the rear pintle MMG and a generic driver figure (again, a resin print, but alternatively any of the many metal driver figures will easily fit in the driver’s seat).

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