Lozenge pillbox


Lozenge shaped pillboxes are a specific type found only in Northeast England. They are an elongated hexagon with two long sides and four shorter angled sides forming the two ends. The entrance is usually off centre on the rear wall and often protected by an external blastwall.

Number of types of embrasures can vary, though a single rifle/LMG loophole in each of the short walls and 3-4 rifle loopholes in each of the long walls is typical. Usually the rear will have one less than the front side due to the entrance.

In order to aid with placing models inside, this is designed without an interior blast wall, and with a removable roof. Supplied file has both brick and concrete options.

Regional and other variations are also possible, please contact us for further information or with specific requests.

Scale: 28mm / 1:56 (but can be resized before printing)

Height: 45mm
Width: 72mm
Length: 133mm

Sold By MarDav Miniatures
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