Leyland Beaver Eel


Part of the emergency anti-invasion measures following the loss of most the Britain’s armour at Dunkirk, the Leyland Beaver-Eel was an armored Leyland Retriever lorry. Around 350 were built from 1940 and they were transferred to Local factory defense forces as proper armored vehicles replaced the emergency vehicles. They were taken out of service at the end of the war.

Armed with a single autocannon, either a Hispanio-Suiza 404 20mm cannon or a Coventry Ordanance Works (COW) 37mm autocannon both vintage weapons. It is likely that there was also a Lewis gun usable from the cab. Also included is a 20mm Oerlikon that will fit in place of the HS404

Draw in in Fusion 360 at 1/56 scale.

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