Landing Craft Tank – Mk2


Waterline-model of Landing Craft Tank (Mk2). A total of 73 Mk2’s have been built, they could carry 5 x 30-ton or 4 x 40-ton or 3 x 50-ton tanks or 9 trucks or 254 ton of cargo. Armament 2 x single 2 pounder pom-pom or 2 x single Bofors 40 mm.

The model has a somewhat raised tank-deck, this was needed to make it printable as a waterline model. As in the original setup the tank-deck is below the waterline and that would be a problem on the gaming-table.

The model does NOT include the supports and canvas cover of the Tank-deck, as those support would be to thin to print with an FDM-printer. And for war-gaming having access to the tank-deck is needed anyway to make sure you can place and access your tanks and trucks.

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