Ladoga Tender – Soviet Tender & Landing Craft


Update on the new files: new files (14.3m type, armored, DShK) are finished but not uploaded—I can’t test print them because I ran out of PLA… more PLA coming tomorrow, so the files should be up soon.

During the desperate Siege of Leningrad, it came to attention that one of the easiest ways to increase shipment to the city would be via Lake Ladoga, a lake which bordered the city. However, lack of availability of naval vessels meant that the Soviets would need to create a new type of boat in order to sustain this supply chain—civilian barges and tugs wouldn’t cut it alone. Hence, what would be known as the Ladoga Tender was created. It was actually three types of boat—a 10.3m type, a 10.7m type, and a 14.3m type—but all three were similar enough to be called one type. They were simply-produced boats with a large cargo bay (two bays on the 14.3m type) amidships and an open piloting area aft. The small boat could carry up to fifty civilians or soldiers belowdecks, was nigh unsinkable, and could travel at a modest speed of… six knots. 118 were built during the Siege.

The small tenders quickly earned their nickname ‘Comrade Tender,’ as they kept a steady supply line running into and out of Leningrad, lifting some work off of the already-overworked Road of Life. Approximately 150,000 tons of supplies were delivered to Leningrad over the thousands of trips these 118 boats made. Luftwaffe presence over Lake Ladoga prompted the arming of some boats with DShK heavy machine guns. The most impressive feat of these little boats, however, was that none were sunk supplying Leningrad, though many were heavily damaged.

From 1943, the tenders started seeing use across the entire Eastern Front, participating in landings on the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Vistula-Oder, and Dnieper. They continued in use right until the end of the war.

This file is intended for printing in FDM, though I’m guessing that resin would also work. While I haven’t made them yet, I can guarantee that versions with two holds and DShK-armed versions will be released soon—likely before the end of the month. Price will not increase. Being a boat, the file is over 120mm long, but in practice surprisingly small… Happy sailing!

Created by Panzer of the Lake Miniatures
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