L.V.T. Amtrac .stl file pack


In the 1930s. with foresight of future potential conflicts, the US Marines sought a tracked amphibious vehicle capable of carrying men and equipment to shore and then traversing on land. The initial design, based on an existing model produced for use in the Everglades, was quite capable but was unarmoured. The first major production of armoured Landing Vehicles – Tracked, L.T.Vs – or “Amtracs”- commenced after the USMC pushed for the adoption of an armoured LTV, for both personnel transport as well as fire support LVTs. The first use was in the Tarawa landing in 1943. The LVT was developed and modified into the later model of the “Buffalo” with the engine moved from rear and a drop gate at the rear – this model is the earlier rear engine model.

This .stls set covers those first series of LVTs used both by the American forces in the Pacific – first at Tarawa, and later by American, British and Canadian forces in Western Europe.

This .stl pack offers the basic LVT 2 hull and interchangeable parts to use that hull as either-

  • The LVT (A)- 2 transport- with two pintle mounted MMGs, capable of transporting up to 18 troops.
  • The LVT(A)-1 Fire Support AFV, with a choice of either a turret armed with a light ATG and coax MMG or a turret with a Flame Thrower, as well to two rear mounted pintle MMGs credited with 360-degree arcs of fire.
  • The LVT(A)-4 Fire support vehicle, armed with a 75mm light howitzer in an open turret and a pintle mount HMG.

You don’t have to commit to any option, all the parts click in and out as needed.

These four options are all recognized in the BA gaming system. There are a plethora of other weaponry options used historically on the LVTs, but I did not want to fall down that design rabbit hole. This package gives you the four basics – an armed transport, and three support AFVs.

The information on the Flamethrower armed LVT(A)-1 is scant so I went with the document posted below showing the general lay-out of that model. There were other F/t armed LVTs with two projectors and open fighting positions, but that model is not recognized in the game.

The model pictured is an FDM print. There are resin print files in the same package (several of the files are identical no matter which mode you take to print). I was not able to do a test print of the resin model (which has the tracks and hull as one piece) as it is too large to fit on my resin printer bed. I did print the weaponry options in resin and offer those parts – turrets, machines guns, pintle mounts, gun shields, etc. – set up for either FDM (in multiple parts to allow maximum print bed contact) and one-piece resin .stls.