Japanese Type 98 320 mm Spigot Mortar


The latest Bolt Action release (Autumn 2020) “Campaign: Mariana & Palau Islands” introduces some new equipment for both sides of the table. One of the pieces of kit introduced for the Japanese player is the unique 320mm Spigot Mortar. This is an unusual weapon; the mammoth shells consisted of three pieces and were assembled on top of the protruding “spigot” rod on a base of heavy timbers built on an incline. There was no actual aiming system in the normal sense; the line of trajectory relied on the angle that the base was constructed at.

This package of .stls represents such a weapon, assembled on a heavy timber base. The file includes both the following

  • A loaded spigot mortar on a timber base
  • The same item but built into a hill side, with sandbags around it, inclined towards the enemy.

The files are suitable for both FDM and DLP printing.

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