Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank


This is a derivative of a Bergman file. My thanks to him and his sharing of a treasure chest of .stls.

The Type 97 Chi-Ha was the main Japanese medium Tank in WW2, and this early version was armed with a light 57mm howitzer. It was also used by various Chinese factions; the test print pictured has the markings of a Chinese Warlord.

I upsized his Type 97 Chi-Ha and separated the tracks from the hull and added tracks teeth to the track pieces. I added assembly nubs for the tracks on the hull to ensure proper alignment. I added bolts on all parts to represent the nature of construction (the original file had no bolt protrusions). I created a new main gun mantle and gun barrel, hull details, as well as new MMGs for the hull and rear turret.

This file is meant for FDM printing, at 0.1 mm layers, with supports.

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