Italian TL 37 gun truck with 75/27 gun .stl pack 1/56th scale


Italy’s Duce Benito Mussolini proudly announced that Italy was a nation ready for war, with “eight million bayonets!”. The Italian army may have had a surplus of bayonets, but it had little else. They were hindered from the start with a limited industrial base, with weapon designs both out of date and ill suited for modern warfare. Still, to their credit, they showed tremendous ingenuity in making the most of what they had. This is represented in several of the options in the Bolt Action Italian list, including the broad based “Morris CS8 65/17 FIAT 634N 76/30 TL37 75/27 gun truck” option.

This .stl pack one of these options, the TL37 4 X 4 truck with the Cannone da 75/27 modello 11 light howitzer. The gun was mounted on a rear bed of a stripped-down TL 37 truck. The Modello 11 gun itself was a unique gun, French designed and adopted by the Italians when they were Allied with France in WW1. The gun had an unusual recoil system, in that the recoil recuperator below the barrel was independent of the barrel; hence the barrel elevated but the recoil cylinder remained parallel to the ground. It also was one of the first field guns with split trails. When mounted on the TL 37 the trails were shortened and wheels removed. The gun was permanently mounted on the truck bed; this was not a porteed mount.

This .stl pack is intended for resin printing only. It includes the front mounted pintle mounted MMG and a driver figure.

An Italian player can field one of these as a regular for only 65 points, add the front pintle MMG (+ 15 pts) and you have a highly mobile 2” HE dispenser plus the MG for adding mischief. A Tank platoon can field five of these for < 400 points, leaving a lot of points for other assets.

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