Italian P 26/40 Tank .stl pack with Bonus Panzer-bunker base – 28 mm


This new .stl pack consists of files for both resin and FDM prints for 1/56th scale models of the Italian P26/40 tank, as well as a base for a Panzer “Turmstellung”, allowing you to use the P26/40 turret as a fixed emplacement.

The Italians were not blind to the inadequacy of their armoured assets as they entered the Second World War in 1940. Originally planned simply as a larger version of their existing tanks, with a weight of 20 tons, the design was rapidly reworked when the Italian contingent in the invasion of the Soviet Union encountered the T-34. The design evolved to take advantage of a sloped armour plate on the front glacis and the turret. This modification resulted in the loss of the dual MGs normally present on the front hull on the previous medium designs.

Although considered a “heavy tank” by the Italians, at 26 tons the P26/40 was more inline with other nation’s mediums – akin to the early M4 or Pz IV F2. By the time the P26/40 finally rolled off the assembly line, it was mid 1943 and Italy was close to capitulation. With the manufacturing plant in Genoa, the factory was within the newly established Repubblica Sociale Italiana, (R.S.I.) the fascist rump state. Over 100 copies were built, and the P26/40 was used by both the Germans and their R.S.I. allies. Further, due to the interruptions of production due to allied bombing, as well as fuel shortages, the P26/40 turrets were mounted in prefab concrete bunkers and used as fixed-point defences.

The P 26/40 tank is not yet included into any Bolt Action army list, but I would foresee its entry in the next Italian theatre book.

Using the Vehicle Design System point costing, the P26/40 would be considered a 9+ tracked vehicle, with a “Vulnerable” ranking due to its use of riveted armour, armed with a medium ATG, with the enhanced HE benefit (as the gun was a repurposed divisional gun, akin to the Soviet Zis-3).

This would result in a point cost, for a regular P26/40, as

  • Tracked 9 + armour = +110
  • Vulnerable = – 20
  • Medium ATG = + 70
  • Enhanced HE = + 10
  • Coaxial MMG = + 5


  • Basic vehicle (regular) = 175
  • Optional pintle MMG = + 15

The eventual costing is up to the Warlord gaggle of writers and researchers, but this option gives the Italian player (albeit exclusively one playing as a post July 1943 RSI Italian) the ability to face their opponent’s armour on a more balanced basis.

The .stl pack has the separate files for both FDM and resin printing. The resin pack includes the basic files plus pre-supported files with the hull .stl hollowed. Pintle MMGs for both mediums are included.

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