Italian Model 34 75/46 Gun .stl pack – 1/56th scale


Model 34 75/46 AA gun

Like many other Bolt Action players, I have been working away at building an actually competitive Italian army list. New plastic figures and campaign books have dulled the pain of their army rules and I was looking for an effective anti-tank choice as the platoon’s backstop.

The Italian anti-tank options are limited, but they do have one heavy ATG in their livery – the dual purpose Model 34 75/46 AA Gun. Although designed in the mid-1930s, production was slow and only 226 were actually delivered to the army during the conflict. The gun was mounted on a crucifix style base, and inward folding arms and a one end folding up, allowing it to be towed on a two-wheel trailer.

The 75/46 served with both field units and to AA batteries protecting the Italian territory. It served on many fronts – the western desert, the Eastern front and later, after the Italian capitulation, with the Wehrmacht under the designation 7.5 cm Flak 264/4(i)

This .stl pack is intended for resin printing only, due to the rather complex nature of the design. The .stl pack includes the gun’s base, the gun cradle, the barrel, and a seated gunner figure. There are two gunners seated on the mount, one per side. This figure’s .stl is admittedly not highly detailed and you may wish to affix your own figure.

The barrel and gun cradle both “friction fit” and you do not have to glue them together unless you wish to do so.

At 110 points for regular, the model 75/46 gives some pedestal mounted +6 anti-tank punch, with 2” HE, to add some steel to your Italian platoon.

In the photo the gun is shown in an Italian defensive position, which is a free download at Wargaming 3d.

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