Italian M11/39 Tank – 28mm- *** Updated October 2021 ***


**** October 2021 -This file has been reworked with added track detail, new hatch and weapon detail, tweaked turret fit, and files specific resin printing added ****

Remixing smaller scale models is fraught with difficulties; what works in a smaller scale will look disproportional at a larger scale.

That said, I started exploring .stl design by remixing many of Bergman’s wonderful models, and one of the first I did was an upscaling of his M11/39 early war Italian tank.

In Bolt Action, this actually isn’t a bad tank – two turret MMGs and a light ATG in the hull, with armour of 8+ (light tank). I was used by the Italians in North Africa as well post-capture by the Australians (please see photo). It was even used in the Italian campaign in small numbers

I revisited that earlier effort, and have

  • added new track detail – track detail, track teeth, slack track detail and detail on the suspension running gear
  • bolt and panel detail on the hull and turret
  • an option pintle MMG and turret for those using that option in the Bolt Action point costing (the pintle MMG is only suitable for resin printing) – so there are two turrets – the basic and one with a pintle mount.
  • assembly lugs for the “tracks to hull” joining

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