Italian 149/40 model 35 Heavy Howitzer – 1/56th scale


While the Italian army did enter WW 2 with a living museum of dated artillery pieces, they did have some newer, impressive ordnance in their livery.

The 149/40 model 35 howitzer entered production shortly before their entry into the war but a total of < 60 models were manufactured. It was a large gun and was unique in that the gun trails were stabilized by driving large spike through the trails into the ground, resulting in a gun that did not move after being set up, which would theoretically result in better accuracy with repeated firings.

The 149/40 Model 35 served in North Africa as well as later with German forces in Italy, where a small batch were produced in the RSI controlled north of Italy, referred to as the 15 cm K 408(i).

This .stl pack includes

  • An .Stl pack for resin printing, with five separate parts to be printed (please see the pics). Pre-supported files are included with the resin .stls.
  • An .stl. pack for FDM printing – with a total of ten separate parts. Some parts were adapted to be thicker to ensure successful FDM printing.
  • An optional base plate to mount the gun, and the requisite five figures with 25 mm bases.

The figures in the photos are adaptations from Iron Chicken’s Italian .stl packs, mounted on standard 25 mm bases.

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