Industrial Fence Package – 28mm


This .stl package will allow you to print a fence system, which consists of various interlocking sections, allowing for a fence of unending length, with a vehicle gate, and a wide range of sections including damaged ones which permit interchange of parts doing a game.

The fence panels are 43mm tall, so would block Line of sight in most situations in 28mm gaming. This allows its use in urban games, to encourage close combat.

It can be used to represent a security fence around a factory, a military base, or even a prison.

The package includes the following

  • Four (4) different double panels
  • Three (3) different single panels
  • Corner and end panels connectors
  • A double male end single panel, allowing open ended designs
  • A gate section, with a two-part gate, which can be glued in closed or partially open

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