16 knots 1x 3in general purpose gun. AA armament varies widely. 1x 3in gun,  3x 25mm(2) and 1x 25mm as modeled

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The Ch-13s were completed in 1940-42 as submarine chasers. They were based on the Ch-1s and were used as fast attack transports during the early days of the Pacific War. Hull modifications made them very seaworthy. 2-shaft diesel (1700 bhp) 16 knots top speed. Armaments in 1942 were 1x 3in/40 GP gun, 3x single 25mm AA guns. Armaments in 1944 were 1x 3in/40 GP gun (or Dual 40mm), 3x 25mm dual mount, 1x 25mm single AA guns.

IJN CH 15 sub chaser.stl, IJN 3in 40 gun.stl, IJN 25mm AA.stl, IJN 25mm x2 AA.stl, IJN CH 15 sub chaser fore AA Platform.stl, IJN CH 15 sub chaser mid AA Platform.stl, IJN Lifeboat.stl, IJN rangefinder.stl, IJN Sonophone.stl, searchlight.stl


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