Gruson Fahrpanzer easy print


Easy to print Gruson Fahrpanzer with cart and emplacement. Some details have been changed for looks/ printability. I wouldn’t try to print this in filament at less than 1/50ish, it’s possible, but really finicky. The resin is multimesh if you want to remove the armor ears or train wheels. The resin cart is also multimesh to take it apart however you like. The slope on the emplacement is left bare to finish it however matches your table.

The R2D2 of DOOM.

Image is of model printed in 1/52 with 3dbreed figure for scale.

The standard files are designed to print AS-IS on filament, no additional supports required.

The “resin” files are for those of you that are printing with resin printers and would prefer the assembled models. Resin files are not pre-supported unless otherwise noted.

Please remember that unless otherwise noted these models are uploaded at 1/100, and you need to scale it to match your preferred play-scale.
1/72= 139% (“standard” 20mm)
1/64= 156%
1/56 = 179% (“standard” 28mm)
1/52 = 192% (my preferred scale for 28mm heroic)
1/48 = 208%
Should you have any trouble with them, please feel free to contact me.

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