German Panzer III E .stl pack – 28mm scale


Panzer III E .stl pack

The Panzer III medium tank was the basic workhorse of the Wehrmacht for the first four years of the Second World War. Well laid out, versatile, dependable, and able to match most opponents on an even footing, it was an able performer in until advances in AFV armour and armament left it behind.

In the September 2022 Bolt Action FAQ/Errata, this AFV received some more attention with the option of adding a second coaxial MMG to the Panzer III C, D, E, F for only 5 points. The actual Panzer III E model was equipped with the second coaxial MG, but the BA FAQ has expanded this option to all the early Pz III models. With 8+ armour, a light ATG, 3 x MMGs, it is a pretty good package for 145 points as regular.

With the Buzzsaw rule, this gives the potential of 18 shoots per turn from this tank, which comes without the weak side armour rules of similar MG festooned 8+ armour tanks in the game, such as the infamous M3 Stuarts.

This .stl pack is specifically the Pz III E model. There are two versions, the resin print and the FDM print. The only difference in the FDM print is that the main gun and MG barrels are thicker, for better durability. Each pack has four parts hull, tracks, and turret. There are pre-supported files (including a hollowed hull) within the resin .stl pack should you choose such.

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