German Pantherturm .stl pack for 28mm wargaming


German Pantherturm – 28 mm .stl set.

As the war rolled through 1943, the Germans became starkly aware that they were on the defensive; reverses at Kursk and the invasion of Italy meant that their energies were focused on slowing the inexorable Allied advance while extracting the maximum cost from their opponents.

One such tool to that end was the Pantherturm, a dug-in Panther tank turret in a fixed emplacement, most commonly of concrete construction. Set in a location with a good line of sight, the low silhouette and thick armour made the pantherturm a challenge to overcome frontally.

The Pantherturms didn’t use turrets from damaged panthers, but turrets directly off the manufacturing lines. They were employed in Italy, on the Atlantic wall and in the final days of the war in the street fighting in Berlin. There is an account of a single Panthertrum knocking out thirteen tanks of the North Irish Horse on May 23, 1944, during an assault on the Hitler Line.

In Bolt Action the Pantherturm is classed under the German “tank” options and comes as “immobilized” but as in “hard cover”. This means a -2 on any rolls to hit. Should it be hit, and your opponent rolls “immobilized” on the damage chart, your crew is “stunned” instead ( the “double immobilization kill” does not apply. In the right position, the Pantherturm can shut down an avenue of approach to an opponent, much like it did in history.

This .stls set is suitable for both resin and FDM printing. It comes with a panther tank turret (I went with a Panther D model turret) and two base options; a round base for a rural setting and a square base with exposed paving brick, to represent a prepared inner city sighting of the weapon.

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