German 2cm FlaK guns


German 2cm FlaK guns in 1/300 scale.

  • 2cm FlaK 38
  • 2cm ZwillingsFlaK
  • 2cm ZwillingsFlak with gunshield
  • 2cm VierlingsFlaK
  • 2cm VierlingsFlaK with gunshield

TheBecause this is a highly detailed model, only RESIN – printers will create a satisfying product. If you don’t own a resin printer, please contact me to find a solution.

Here you will find a free adapter for using the guns with a 7mm/9mm mounting system:

Adapter for BHM guns (FREE)

This print was multiple tested on an Anycubic Photon printer using Harzlabs Grey resin.

Please note, that it is only allowed to use the file for your own use. Further passing or selling of the file either selling prints of this file are explicitly prohibited! Keep in mind that only selling the file helps to pay the software licenses… and ensures making new models… ????