French VUDB Armoured Troop Carrier v. 3.0 – Updated November 2020


** The original file has been updated ( version 3 – November 2020) – it is a reworked file and now has a one piece print for resin printing in addition to the original FDM file, a better defined hull, new wheels, and the parts run through Netfabb and the errors corrected. As well, I have left it to the user as to which side to mount the LMG. I initially thought it was mounted on the driver’s right, but now believe it was on the driver’s left (right hand drive). I haven’t been able to locate photos of the VUDB with an LMG mounted that show the actual location (side profile drawing show it mounted but only from the side). As such i have the driver’s opening and a second opening, it will fit into either.**

** this file was intended for FDM printing, and thus is a multi part print, to optimize “flat to the build plate” printing **

This file is for a 28mm scale French VUDB wheeled troop carrier. The file is a rework of Jarlang’s 1/72nd scale version

That file required a a bit of work; in addition to upsizing it to the true 1/56th size (reference, I

  1. added tread to the tires
  2. added the side mounted spare times
  3. added bolt detail
  4. cleaned up open spaces in the roof
  5. re-did the side door and front grill, adding detail
  6. reworked the side tool boxes and various hinges around the vehicle
  7. separated the front and rear axle, to allow a cleaner FDM print
  8. created a front mount LMG and open port on the front plate for the LMG


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